Promoting transparency starting in the food and agriculture sector

HARA connects rural smallholder farmers with banks, insurance companies and input producers through data, by simply sharing the usually hard to obtain data. With this ecosystem, good information is the basis for inclusion.

Our mission is to promote inclusive sustainable growth and contribute to the economic prosperity of people in rural communities through the exchange of valuable data.

HARA in the field

per 1 February 2020








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Creating jobs for everyone with a mobile phone

HARA Field Agents “Agripreneurs” are our bridge to the farmers in the field. They are rewarded to collect data and to connect farmers with the market.

Stories from the Field

Moch. Rhodi

Village Chief of Kayulemah, East Java

"I am very grateful for HARA to come to our village and support our farmers. As the head of the village, I am a big proponent on activities that focuses on helping our farmers."


Farmer in Ngampal Village, East Java

"I am a paddy farmer, who has joined different loan programs. Compared to borrowing straight from cooperatives or banks, (the process) with HARA is certainly easier."


Field Agent in Ngampal Village, East Java

"I am happy that I've joined HARA because I can help farmers. As a farmer myself, I know farmers' struggle to get access to institutions. With HARA, farmers are connected straight to business players."

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